April, 19th

14.00 Opening of the ISSP 50th Anniversary seminar
Gangyan-Si ISSP President
Fabio Pigozzi University of Rome “Foro Italico”
Alberto Miglietta CONI Servizi Spa

Donatella Spinelli (Italy)
Cognitive neuroscience: a new building block for scientific sport psychology
Chair: Claudio Babiloni (Italy)


Symposium I - Mind an d Movement
Chair: Hiroshi Sekiya

15.00 Hiroshi Sekiya (Japan)
Emotion and motion under pressure

15.20 Francesco Di Russo (Italy)
Sport neuroscience for the study of cognitive brain functions behind superior performance and Mental Training

15.40 Caterina Pesce (Italy)
Mind movers: translating scientific evidence into physical activity games that challenge children’s cognition

Symposium II - Physical Activity: social & motivational determinants

Chair: Athanasios Papaioannou (Greece)


15.00 Athanasios Papaioannou (Greece)
Promoting participation in youth sport, physical activity and health

15.20 Young-Ho Kim (Korea)
Application of psychosocial theories to explain physical activity

15.40 Caterina Grano (Italy)
Psycho-social determinants of physical activity in elderly people

16.00 Coffee break and Posters Session
Chairs: Antonio De Lucia (Italy), Francesca Vitali (Italy)



17.30 Maurizio Bertollo (Italy)
Neuro-technology in sport, exercise and performance psychology
Discussant: Tiziano Agostini (Italy)

Symposium III - Applied sport Psychology
Chair: Robert Schinke

17.30 Robert Schinke (Canada)
The Meta-Transitional process of the Canadian National Boxing team in preparation for the 2016 Olympics

17.50 Franco Noce (Brazil)
Psychological preparation for Brazilian Paralympic Athletes

18.10 Athanasius Amasiatu (Nigeria)
The professional preparation of Nigerian Sport Psychologists

20.00 ISSP 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner


April, 20th

08.30 Opening of the Anniversary session: Institutional speeches

09.00 50 years of ISSP
Chair: Sidonio Serpa

09.10 Alberto Cei (Italy)
A tribute to Ferruccio Antonelli: Antonelli’s life and work

09.30 The Coni President’s welcome message

Giovanni Malagò (Italy)

Introduced by Gangyan Si, ISSP  President

09.40 Acknowledgement to Luigi Pozzi

09.50 Fabio Lucidi (Italy)

Key concepts in sport psyhchology: Tracing an evolution from the 1st to the 13th ISSP Congress


Kristoffer Henriksen (Denmark) (ISSP 2013 Developing Scholar Awarded)
ISSP and International Sport Psychology: the young generation view I

Kristoffer Henriksen
The holistic ecological approach to talent development and its implications for applied sport psychology

Chair: Rossana Ciuffetti (Italy

10.40 Coffee break

The former presidents contribution
Gershon Tenenbaum (Israel), Keith Henschen (US A), Dieter Hackfort (Germany)
Chair: Sidonio Serpa (Portugal)

12.40 ADDRESS by Bola Ikulayo (Nigeria) The President of the African Society of Sport Psycology        (Introduced by the ISSP President)

Gangyan Si (Hong Kong)
ISSP, current and future perspectives
Chair: Bola Ikulayo (Nigeria)

13.30 Lunch

Paul Wylleman (Belgium)
Future perspectives of psychological interventions in top sport 
Chair: Marco Guicciardi (Italy)

Symposium IV - New approaches to mental training: applying neurosciences
Chair: Ernest Tsung-Min Hung (Taiwan)

15.30 Ernest Tsung-Min Hung
Neurofeedback Training improves performance in precision sports

15.50 Thomas Schack (Germany)
Cognitive building blocks of sport performance
New approaches in Mental Training

16.10 Claudio Robazza (Italy)
Enhancing sport performance: emotion and action centered strategies

Symposium V - New developments and chall enges in studying athletes’ career transitions
Chair: Natalia Stambulova

15.30 Natalia Stambulova (Sweden)
New trends in career transition research

15.50 Tatiana Ryba (Finland)
Cultural transitions as a site of career negotiations in sport

16.10 Fabio Lucidi (Italy)
Dealing with the inevitable: the role of passion in reducing stress in athletes’ career termination

16.30 Coffee break

Symposium VI - New approaches and strategies for the SP Consultant
Chair: Alex Garcia-Mas (Spain)

17.00  Alex Garcia-Mas (Spain)

From the human performance to the virtual intervention 

17.20 Lauren Loberg (USA)

The shift in focus following an Olympic year

17.40 Artur Poczwardowski (USA)

New challenges of working with transitional athletes Sport psychology consultant as performer: embracing the future through current challenges and opportunities

Symposium VII - Moral ity in sport: making the case of doping abuse
Chair: Santo Di Nuovo (Italy)

17.00 Arnaldo Zelli (Italy)
Morality in sport through the lens of situational appraisals: a complementary approach to the study of doping use

17.20 Vassilis Barkoukis (Greece)
Effectiveness of an anti-doping intervention based on health and ethical information

17.40 Andrea Petroczi (UK)
Shades of black: deconvoluting the functional, moral and legislative complexity of doping behaviour and its effect on the future of anti-doping

Yu-Kai Chang (Taiwan) (ISSP 2013 Developing Scholar Awarded)
ISSP and International Sport Psychology: the young generation view II
Can exercise make you smart? Effect of acute exercise on cognition
Chair: Thomas Schack (Germany)

18.30 Closing ceremony