Workshop Program - Scientific Day

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Workshop Program - Italian

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Marianna Munafò
2-giorno: Biofeedback della variabilità della frequenza cardiaca (HRV): concetti base e aspetti applicativi 
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Prof. Giuseppe Sacco
2-giorno: Il Biofeedback nella pratica clinica. Presupposti e Applicazioni  
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Workshop Program - English

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BCIA Program:

Drs. Linda and Michael Thompson (translated by Hiroko Demichelis)
5-day BCIA Neurofeedback program (sequentially translated into Italian)
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Main Program:

Dr. Steven Baskin
2-day Workshop: Biobehavioral Considerations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Headache Disorders

Annette Booiman, PT 
1-day Workshop: The Advantage of EMG by Movement Corrections
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Dr. Richard Gevirtz
2-day Workshop: Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: Principles and Applications
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Antonio Martins-Mourao, Chartered Clin. Psych., PhD 
1-day Workshop: Biomarkers for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: Implications for the design of effective neurotherapy protocols.

Ralf Nickel 
2-day Workshop: Brucker-Biofeedback-Method (BBFM): Biofeedback in Neurological Rehabilitation after Central Nervous System Damage
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Lothar Niepoth, Dipl. Psych.
1-day Workshop: Biofeedback in the Treatment of Insomnia
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Dr. Erik Peper
2-day Workshop: Building Hope: Integrating Biofeedback and  Somatic Feedback with Self-healing Skills Resolving Chronic Disorders from Test Anxiety to Severe Chronic Pain
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Piotr Sobaniec
1-day Workshop: Effective intervention with autistic patients and ADHD. Tips and tricks in a successful neurotherapy.
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Dr. Paul G. Swingle 
1-day Workshop: ClinicalQ and Braindriving: Neurotherapeutic Treatment of  Depression
1-day Workshop: ClinicalQ and Braindriving: Fundamental Neurotherapy for Professionals
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Dr. Lindsay Thornton
2-day Workshop: Applied Work with Athletes in Peak Performance and Sports
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Edna Tune, B.Sc., MA (with Dan Tune, BA)
1-day Workshop: From Disabilities to (Learning) Differences Over to Abilities & Control and Leaning Gifts in Correlation With the Frontal Lobe
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Linda Walker, MHR, LPC, BCIA-EEG 
1-day Workshop: Pratical Tips for Getting the Most out of Biofeedback
1-day Workshop: Getting the Most Out of Z-Score Neurofeedback: Tips and Methods for Effective Integration in Practice
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Ralph Warnke, Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner
1-day Workshop: Hemoencephalography: HEG Based Neurofeedback Practically Introduced  as a Smart and Easy-to-Use Training Method in ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders
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Dr. Penny Werthner 
2-day Workshop: Practical Applications of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in Sports
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Pre-Conference Workshop:
Frank DeGregorio
1-day Pre-Conference Workshop: General Introduction to Biofeedback Peripherals