- Scientific Program

The BFE Scientific Program will take place the evening of Wednesday, February 12, 2014 and all day on Thursday February 13, 2014. 

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- Workshops Program

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The workshop schedule includes:

BCIA Program:

Drs. Linda and Michael Thompson
5-day BCIA Neurofeedback program (sequentially translated into Italian)

Dr. Donald Moss, Dr. Erik Peper, Dr. Fred Shaffer

5-day BCIA Biofeedback program (sequentially translated into Italian)

Dr. Donald Moss and Dr. Fred Shaffer
2-day HRV BCIA certification

Main Program:

Dr. Jay Gunkelman 
1-day Workshop: EEG and QEEG: Integrating Phenotype and Vigilance Model

Dr. Inna Khazan
2-day Workshop: Mindfulness and Acceptance Approach to Biofeedback

Dr. Michael Linden 
1- day Workshop: QEEG Subtypes and Neurofeedback with ADD, Aspergers & Autism

Antonio Martins-Mourao, Ph.D.
1-day Workshop: OCD and Anxiety 

Dr. Danielle Matto and Eveline Kempenaar, PT 
2-day Workshop: The Added Value of the Biofeedback Stress Profile 

Dr. Stephen Porges
2-day Workshop: The Polyvagal Theory: Neural Mechanisms Mediating Social Behavior,
Emotional Regulation, and Health

Dr. Ute Strehl and Dr. Kirsten Mayer
2-day Workshop:  Feedback of Slow Cortical Potentials – Basics, Protocols, Applications and Evidence

Dr. Paul G. Swingle 
2-day Workshop: ClinicalQ and Braindriving: Fundamental Neurotherapy for Professionals 

Dr. Leah Lagos
2-day Workshop: Applied Work with Athletes in Peak Performance and Sports

Italian Program:

Dott. Marianna Munafò Ph.D.
1-Day Workshop Biofeedback della variabilità della frequenza cardiaca (HRV): concetti base e registrazione. (Italiano)
Dott. Davide Pierini
2-Day Workshop La registrazione dei segnali psicofisiologici e dell’assessment psicofisiologico. (Italiano)
1-Day Workshop - La registrazione dell’EEG e al neurofeedback. (Italiano)

Dott. Carlo Prunetti 
1-Day Workshop La valutazione psicofisiologica  (Inglese e Italiano)

Giuseppe Sacco, Ph.D.
1 day Workshop Biofeedback e Psicoterapia: una essenziale integrazione nel trattamento dei disturbi psicofisiologici (Italiano)

Gabriel Sella, MD
1-Day Workshop Protocolli clinici secondo il metodo Sella per la valutazione e la riabilitazione con elettromiografia di Superficie (Italiano e Inglese)

Lorena Zanus, Ph.D.
1-day Workshop - Biofeedback e Dolore: emicrania, cefalea di tipo tensivo, fibromyalgia, disturbi temporomandibolari e distonie focali (Italiano)

Pre-Conference Workshop: 

Frank DeGregorio
1-day Workshop: BioGraph Infiniti Workshop